La Fête Pricelist
Heartshaped Meringue R8
Shortbread R8
Cranberry shortbread R9
Decorated Biscuits R15
Langue du chat R10
(Franse sponskoekie gedoop in sjokolade)
Gingerbreadman R15
Fudge R7
Scones R15
Chocolate brownies R8
Blondies R10
Honeys R6
Cupcakes R15
Mini cupcakes R10
Cinnamon&Crème Fraîche muffin R10
Macaroons R10
Madeleines R10
Almond oval cakes R17
Health biscuit R10
Mini cake R50
Mini cake in box R60

Cake pops R15

Health rusks R250


Pavlova meringue R140
Choc or Vanilla Sponge R200
Apple&Pecan cake R150
Marie Antoinette berry delight cake R380
Almond cake R220

Carrot cake R250
Almond&honey pear tart R280
Chocolate Mascarpone cake R300
Red Velvet cake R280
Mapula’s Chocolate cake R270
Capri cake R220
Special floral cake with pistachio cream R250

Kids birthday cake R480

Cheese sticks R10
Mini spinach quiche R10
Mini quiche Lorraine R10
Phyllo mushroom&rosa tamato tartlets R10
Olive biscuits R8
Parmesan biscuits WITH BRIE&FIGS R8/15
Heartshaped rye sandwiches with salmon&cream cheese Plate (R200) R10(each)
Plate cucumber sandwiches R70
(20 sandwiches)

Red pepper&tamato tart R200
Quiche Lorraine R180
Roasted veggie quiche R150
Spinach quiche R150

Kontak: Nicola Meyer
082 499 5599
021 887 4511

Prices changed 1 March 2012
All baked goods are made and created and every outcome is unique. Therefore you will find that baked goods are homemade.
If you would like something more specific,please bring us a picture.

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